Meet “SIMBA,” the magnificent Male Scottish Shorthair with an extraordinary and rare coat that will captivate your heart!
This striking feline is the epitome of grace and beauty, boasting a unique color palette that sets him apart from the rest.
SIMBA is not only a visual delight but also a well-mannered gentleman, fully potty trained and ready to adapt to his new forever home.
As a responsible breeder with years of experience, I ensure that SIMBA has received all the necessary vaccinations, health checks, and the love he needs to thrive.
Imagine the joy of having SIMBA curl up in your lap, his rare-colored fur shimmering in the sunlight, bringing warmth and elegance to your home.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to welcome an exceptional Scottish Shorthair fold into your life. SIMBA is ready to create unforgettable memories with his new family.
Contact us now to secure your chance to adopt SIMBA, a true rarity in the feline world, and let his purrs fill your home with happiness.
Act quickly—such a distinctive and well-trained companion like SIMBA is a once-in-a-lifetime find and is eagerly waiting to start his new adventure with you!


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