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🔹 Breed: Devon Rex
🔹 Sex: Female
🔹 D.O.B: 23/08/2023
🔹color: calico — odd eyes Carrier
🔹 Cattery: Library of cats
🔹 Association: CFA

📌 Notes:
Devon Rex very special and rare cats in UAE they have a very unique personality large ears, round face with wavy hair when they grow up. • Devon Rex cats are very playful and love to be with people or animals. love to cuddle a lot.

Will send you the kitten:
• fully vaccinated.
• micro chipped.
• passport.
• pedigree.
• dewormed.
• eating dry food and wet food.
• potty trained.
• available as a pet only.
• litter ( cat best 8 kg).
• dry food ( 6 kg).
• his favorite toys.
• stainless steel food plates.
• litter box.
• cat carrier box.

💲 Price:

⚠️ if you would like to have a chat for breeding, you should be registered as a CATTERY in any cats association worldwide⚠️ prices will be different for breeding⚠️


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates