Meet Your New Best Friend: Exquisite Silver Grey Havanese Princess Seeking a Forever Home!

Introducing a jewel of the canine world, a stunning 5-month-old female Havanese, enveloped in a luxurious coat of the rarest silver-grey hue.
This little lady exudes elegance and charm, her captivating color a true testament to the uniqueness of her breed.

Bred with Love and Care: Raised in a nurturing environment, our Havanese princess has blossomed amidst affection and attention.
She’s been lovingly socialized, ensuring a temperament that is both gentle and joyful, perfect for families or individuals seeking a companion that truly understands the language of love.

Health Above All: Prioritizing well-being, she has received a comprehensive health check and is up-to-date on all vaccinations.
You can rest assured knowing she comes with a clean bill of health, mirroring her impeccable lineage.

A Pedigree to Be Proud Of: As a testament to her noble origins, she boasts a pedigree brimming with strong and healthy ancestors.
Her lineage is one of distinction, promising not just a pet, but a member of your family with a heritage of robust health and vitality.

Ready for Adventure: At 5 months old, she’s at the perfect age to bond with her new family.
She’s eager to learn, ready to be trained, and is just waiting for someone to guide her through life’s exciting adventures.

The Full Package: She will come to her new home with a starter kit that includes her favorite toys, food, and a guide to help you continue her care seamlessly.

Lifetime Companion: If you’re looking for a loyal friend, a lap-warmer, and a bundle of joy all rolled into one, look no further.
She’s more than just a pet; she’s a companion for life who will share every moment with you, from quiet evenings to exuberant mornings.

Don’t Miss Out: Opportunities like this don’t come often. Secure your chance to bring home not just a pet, but a true friend and family member.
Contact us today to meet your new furry soulmate, and let the journey of a lifetime begin!



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates