Looking for a loving and forever home and family to care and love for this princess!!!
Meet the little survivor who had a second chance in life. A little bit about her story, we found her in the side of the road in a bad condition during the heavy rain, what we assume happened to her is that she was probably hit by the side of a vehicle which led her to losing her tail. We rushed her to the vet and thankfully it was a miracle that she was all good and she just ended up with getting her tail amputated since there was no chance of saving it. Doctors said that cats can live without their tails and that it won’t cause them any issues. So far I can say she really can’t even tell that she is missing a tail 😂, it doesn’t affect her at all. More about the little princess is that she is a female , with such pretty green eyes and such a pretty and unique coat, she is about 2 months as of what the veterinarian said, also she is dewormed , and is perfectly healthy and healed up, she has one of the best personalities I have ever seen in a kitten, she is so funny, cuddly, so playful and so full of life. She is also potty trained and gets along with other cats. Yes she may be missing a tail but she is the sweetest little girl ever. I wish I could keep her but unfortunately I have a big dog that doesn’t get along with cats.
Please if you are someone who is interested in adopting her and is willing to care and love her please message me. I promise you will love her.


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Al Ain, United Arab Emirates