🌟 Exceptional Maine Coon Polydactyl Kitten Available! 🌟

Meet our breathtakingly beautiful Maine Coon Polydactyl girl!
Born on the 5th of March, 2024, she is a true rarity with her extraordinary 7/7/6/6 finger configuration.

🐾 Distinctive Extra Toes: Her unique polydactyl charm is not just a conversation starter, but also an adorable feature that sets her apart.

🐈‍⬛ Majestic Maine Coon Lineage: She comes from a line of stunning Maine Coons, known for their friendly and majestic nature.

🎀 Female Feline Elegance: This little lady boasts the regal bearing and luxurious fur Maine Coons are famous for.

💎 Pure and Unregistered: While she is not registered, her purebred Maine Coon traits shine through in her personality and appearance.

🚫 Vaccinations & Microchipping: To give you full control over her health care, she has not been vaccinated or microchipped.

🩺 Vet Care: She awaits her first vet visit, allowing you to establish a relationship with your vet from the start.

🚫 Deworming & Neutering: As she has not been dewormed or neutered, you have the freedom to make these decisions with the guidance of your trusted veterinarian.

🏡 Ready for Forever Home: She is seeking a loving family who will cherish her as much as we do.

📸 Pictures Available: Don’t hesitate to ask for photos of this enchanting kitten.

📅 Viewing Appointments: We welcome you to visit and experience her delightful personality firsthand.

✨ Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome this extraordinary polydactyl Maine Coon into your life. Contact us to make her part of your family today! ✨



Sharjah, United Arab Emirates