🌟🐾 Exquisite Teacup Yorkshire Terrier – A Bundle of Joy Awaits! 🐾🌟

Introducing the pinnacle of canine charm – a dainty and delightful Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, ready to steal your heart! 🎀

✨ Breed: Yorkshire Terrier – The Epitome of Elegance!
✨ Gender: Female – A Gorgeous Little Lady!
✨ Age: A youthful 2.5 Months – Perfectly primed for bonding with her new family!
✨ Color: Classic Black & Tan – A timeless beauty that never fades!

Health and Wellness:
✅ Vaccinated: Up-to-date shots, for a healthy start in life!
✅ Vet Checked: Thoroughly examined by a professional for peace of mind!
✅ Microchipped: Safety and security, with modern technology!
✅ Dewormed: Pre-emptive care for her well-being!
✅ Not Neutered: Intact, offering you the possibility of future breeding!
✅ Registered: A certified pedigree to showcase her distinguished lineage!

🎂 Born on the enchanting day of November 26, 2023 – A little star has arrived!

📍 Currently residing in AD – Awaiting her forever home with you!

Special Offer:
💰 Price: $2,500 – An investment in pure love and joy!
☎️ Co. No.: 0522800154 – Your direct line to this furry angel’s heart!

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to welcome a living treasure into your family. She promises to bring boundless affection, playful moments, and a touch of luxury to your everyday life. Call us now and embark on an unforgettable journey with this exquisite Teacup Yorkie! 📞💖



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates