Meet Our Adorable Prince: A Two-Month-Old Male Persian Kitten!

Introducing our little bundle of joy, a pristine Persian kitten with a luxurious coat of pure white fur.

At just two months old, this male kitten embodies the elegance and charm Persians are renowned for.

Boasting an affectionate and gentle temperament, he is the perfect companion for cozy evenings and peaceful afternoons.

With enchanting, expressive eyes, he’ll gaze into your soul, creating an instant bond that’s truly magical.

Raised in a loving home environment, our prince has been socialized with both humans and other pets, ensuring a smooth transition into his forever home.

He comes with a clean bill of health, having received all up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, and a thorough veterinary check-up.

His pedigree is exceptional, with a lineage of award-winning ancestors known for their beauty and gentle nature.

Included is a kitten starter pack with all the essentials to help him settle into his new kingdom with ease.

We offer lifetime breeder support as a testament to our commitment to his well-being and your satisfaction.

This little prince is litter-trained, well-behaved, and has mastered the art of purring his way into hearts.

Serious inquiries only, as we are looking for a loving and responsible home where he will be cherished as much as we cherish him.

Contact us to arrange a meet-and-greet with your new furry family member and prepare to fall in love at first purr!


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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates